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The year 2021

Bioscientific Society of Oulu has had an active year despite the circumstances.

Virtual company visit

Company visit was held in a virtual format this year. As our company representatives we had Admescope from Oulu as well as THL and FinVector from Kuopio. While nothing beats live meetings and tours, virtual platforms open new opportunities for contacting potential future employers from all over Finland. We would like to hear from our members if they have any ideas or wishes regarding the company visit format or specific companies they would be interested in. Feel free to message us at board @ !


50th anniversary celebration of Bioscientific society of Oulu

We were also able to celebrate our 50-year journey live in a glamorous setting at Nallikari. Our evening consisted of wine tasting (French vs. Italy) with a menu to match. We also got private video greetings from General Secretary of FEMS Branka Vasiljevic and Jerka Dumic from FEBS. The evening was a great chance to catch up with members and sit down in refined manner. The event was supported by BioBio-Society.


National Committee Meeting

In December OBS participated in National Committee Meeting at Helsinki. We got a chance to meet with BioBio-society board members, as well as other members from FEBS, FEMS, IUBMB, EBSA & IUPAB and IUMS & ICTV. More information on the abbreviations/societies here: . The evening was spent getting familiar with other societies and subdivisions and their actives. Oulu-subdivision was especially commended for its large and active membership. We hope to meet again in the future!


OBS been active in promoting our society via student guilds Syntaksis and Histoni. OBS was also represented in recent Syntaksis alumni-evening in November. We also opened a Twitter-account this year: Go check it out at @oulubio!
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We want to thank all our members for this year. We are looking forward to coming year and hopeful that we get to organize live events.

-Board of Bioscientific Society of Oulu